da vinci idea
Contact lenses have moved on somewhat since Da Vinci’s original idea. But it has provided the inspiration for our name - Oculus being the latin word for eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will contact lenses hurt?
A: No! Modern contact lenses are incredibly comfortable. At Oculus we carefully select the correct materials and design for your eyes.

Q: Will I be able to put them in?
A: Of course, the lenses don’t actually touch your eyes, but float on a thin layer of tears. Putting them in and getting them out is like riding a bike, a little bit of practice and anyone can do it!

Q: I’ve got an astigmatism, will contact lenses work?
A: Yes, modern contact lenses work with all prescriptions.

Q: My eyes get dry with soft lenses, are there any other lenses I can wear?
A: Yes, Ortho-K is a perfect answer, no lenses to get dry during the day! Also stable gas permeable materials that don’t dry at all.

Q: Am I too young / old?
A: Probably not! Contact lenses are fantastic for young active people and we frequently fit children from 10 upwards. And for the young at heart? Even more fantastic! Now with advanced varifocal and bifocal designs, age is no longer a barrier.

Q: Are contact lenses expensive?
A: On average less then half a cup of coffee a day! At Oculus we have various payment plans and direct debit schemes to make life easier.

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